Biological & Bioinspired Materials Laboratory


Contact Angle Goniometer

The contact angle goniometer use sessile drop method to detect the static contact angle, advanced and receding angles. Automatic drop control can set the drop volume and drop rate. Surface free energy can obtained from the software by apply two or more kinds of liquid.

Critical Point Drying

SAMDRI®-795 is a semi-automatic critical point dryer for preparing biological SEM sample. This machine is able to preserve the structure of sample by substituting the water constituent in the sample with carbon dioxide. The treated sample can do further investigation in SEM.

Precision Cutting Machine

Precision cutter used for sample preparation, with 40W powerful DC motor, variable speed 0-400 rpm, with micrometer for sample positioning(0.01~25mm), V-shape fixture, weight load of cutting : 0~400g, automatic cut-off switch, AC 110V, 1 phase.

Digital Balance

Shimadzu TX223L, capacity: 220g, minimum display: 0.001g, with sliding glass door(windbreak system).

Instron 3343 Single Column Table Frame

A mechanic testing devices that is able to perform several standard mechanical testing including uniaxial compression, tension and three-point bending. Maximum load cell capacity is 1000N and maximum crosshead speed is 1000 mm/min.

Polishing Machine

P20F-1-HA is a machine designed for polishing the surfaces. Using different grid of sandpaper and polishing liquid can polish the surface. The grid number of polishing powder has 1, 0.3 and 0.05 micrometer.

Stereo Microscope

OLYMPUS SZX7 is equipped comfort view, which provides greater comfort to let the work performance faster. The result is a field of view that is easy to find, comfortable to view, and easy to maintain. Magnification range: 8x-56x (using a 1x objective/10x eyepiece); zoom ratio 7:1.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

The clean function of ultrasonic wave is to use the waves over the frequency of human hearing conducting within the liquid. When ultrasonic waves, longitudinal waves, are conducting within the cleaner, which pushing function for the medium will enable the pressure within the liquid to change and produce mini vacuum bubbles referred as "Cavitation".