X-Ray Crystallography

A course graduate students!


An elective course for graduates!


Students who are interested in doing researches about Li ion barttery, Li-S battery, or conducting pastes for solar cells are welcome!

Goals of the Group

While the world is changing rapidly toward more unstable environment due to the rapid growth of human activities. We need more talents like you who have vision and feel the responsibility to participate in developing materials for green technologies. Let's try to make the world a little bit better!

Current Research Topics

Our lab is interested in developing materials used in green technologies. Currently, the main focus is on the materials for Li ion battery and Li-S battery.

  • High voltage Polyanion-type Cathode Materials
  • High capacity Cathode Materials; Layered and Polyanion structures
  • Anode materials; Si and a-Fe2O3
  • Silver paste for Solar Cell Contact
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