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Current Phone No.03-5715131 #33856(Lab:33846,31165)
Current AddressMaterials Science & Technology Building R304, National Tsing Hua University
Personal Websitehttp://sites.google.com/site/teamtwlab
TitleAssociate Professor
Discipline-Biomedical Materials
-An Introduction to Life Science and Engineering
-Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
Speciality-Development of Novel and Smart Biomaterials
-Multifunctionalized NanoMedicine Biotechnology
-Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
-Drug Delivery for Theranostics
-Biologically Inspired Engineering

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Research ProjectOverview
YearProject NameParticipatorJobPeriodCooperative OrganizationRemarks
20134. Stimuli-sensitive nanovehicle agents for stem cell gene thrapy and targeted drug delivery.TZU-WEI WANGPI2013-08 ~
National Science Council
20131. Oriented lamellar nanofibrous-hydrogel hybrid materials for Intervertebral Disc RegenerationTZU-WEI WANGPI2013-01 ~
NTHU-National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch Research Program
2012Self- Assembling Peptide in the Treatment of Brain Hemorrhage and Neural Regeneration.TZU-WEI WANGPI2012-01 ~
NTHU-Mackay Memorial Hospital Joint Research Program
2012Neural Stem Cells Mediated Nanopeptide Hydrogel for Brain Tissue Engineering.TZU-WEI WANGPI2012-01 ~
NTHU-National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch Research Program
2011Neurogenic potential of human umbilical cord blood stem cells on 3D biomimetic scaffold and tissue engineering applications.TZU-WEI WANGPI2011-01 ~
NTHU-Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Joint Research Program
2011Peptide nanofiber scaffold for brain repair and wound healing effect.TZU-WEI WANGPI2011-01 ~
NTHU-Mackay Memorial Hospital Joint Research Program
2011Development of novel thermo-responsive biodegradable, injectable hydrogel and its applications.TZU-WEI WANGPI2011-08 ~
National Science Council
2010Rapidly curable gelatin/fibrin glue incorporated with self-assembling nanopeptides in traumatic hemostasis and burn managementTZU-WEI WANGPI2010-01 ~
NTHU-Mackay Memorial Hospital Joint Research Program
2010Novel injectable hydrogel as biodegradable scaffold and cell delivery vehicleTZU-WEI WANGPI2010-01 ~
NTHU Boost Program
2010Endostatin gene transfected mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritisTZU-WEI WANGPI2010-01 ~
NTHU-National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch Joint Research Program
2010Investigation of Stem Cell Therapy in Brain Tissue Engineering Using Novel 3D Hyaluronan-based BiomatricesTZU-WEI WANGPI2010-08 ~
National Science Council
2009Functionalized carbon nanotubes as delivery carrier/tracer, electrode, and matrix enhancement in the biomedical applicationsTZU-WEI WANGPI2009-07 ~
National Science Council
2009Electrospun fibrin/hyaluronan nanofiber with anti-bacteria silver nanoparticle as a novel wound dressingTZU-WEI WANGPI2009-07 ~
National Science Council
Industry-Academy CooperationOverview
YearProject NameParticipatorJobPeriodCooperative OrganizationRemarks
2009利用電紡技術製備具抗菌性纖維蛋白與透明質酸奈米絲作為新式人工皮膚創傷敷料TZU-WEI WANGManager2009-07 ~
Work Experience
InstitutionTitleDepartment/DivisionJob PositionDate
National Tsing Hua UniversityJointly Appointed Assistant ProfessorInstitute of Biomedical Engineering2012-08 ~ 2013-07
National Tsing Hua UniversityAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering2009-02 ~ 2013-07
Harvard Medical School, USAPostdoctoral Research FellowVA Boston Healthcare System and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of the Brigham and Women's Hospital2007-09 ~ 2009-02
National Taiwan UniversityPostdoctoral Research FellowInstitute of Biomedical Engineering2006-08 ~ 2007-07
Outside School HonorOverview
2013The 1st Place AwardPaper Competition of Chinese Institute of Engineers
2012Excellent Poster Paper AwardAnnual Symposium on Biomedical Engineering and Technology (BME2012)
2012The 9th National Innovation Award in the Academic Research CategoryInstitute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, Taiwan (2012)
2012The Best Poster Award2012 International Symposium of Materials on Regenerative Medicine (2012 ISOMRM)
2012Young Investigator Awards (co-author research work)2012 International Symposium of Materials on Regenerative Medicine (2012 ISOMRM)
2011Young Investigator Awards (co-author research work)5th World Congress on Bioengineering, the World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers, Taiwan (WACBE 2011)
2011Best Paper AwardAnnual Symposium on Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Taiwan (BMES 2011)
2010Excellent Poster Paper AwardMaterials Research Society-Taiwan Annual Conference, 2010 (MRS-T)
2008Taiwan Merit Postdoctoral FellowshipNational Science Council
2007Postdoctoral FellowshipYen Tjin Ling Industrial Development Foundation, NTU
2007Excellent Graduate Research Paper AwardNTU College of Medicine
2007Postdoctoral FellowshipNTU
2006The 4th Place AwardTaiwan Competition on Biomedical Engineering Creative Designs
2006Outstanding Students Conference Travel GrantFoundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
2006The Best Oral Paper AwardFormosa Association of Regenerative Medicine Annual Symposium
2006The 2nd Place AwardThe Fourth National Innovation Award-Student Research Contest by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
2005The 2nd Place AwardThe Third National Innovation Aware-Student Research Contest by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
2003The 2nd Place Paper AwardRocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
2003The 3rd Place Poster Paper AwardThe Chinese Society for Materials Science 2003 Annual Symposium
2003The Best Oral Paper AwardBiomedical Engineering Society 2003 Annual Symposium
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanInstitute of Biomedical EngineeringPh. D.2002-09 ~ 2006-06
TitleDateAttach File
Novel Functionalized Smart Biomaterials: Development and Applications in Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery
Manipulation of Stem Cell Fate: Control of Extracellular Microenvironment Using Physical, Chemical, and Biological Approaches